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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

London 2012: The Athletes' Parade by Buckingham Palace

On 10th September the athletes from Team GB were paraded through central London on a succession of floats, culminating in a presentation by the Victoria Memorial, just outside Buckingham Palace. This particular area was reserved for special groups: members of the armed forces, police men and women, NHS workers, Team GB administrative staff, and various charity groups. I  was extremely lucky to get a ticket to this final stage of the parade; in fact, I set off that morning without a ticket but I just happened to get chatting to a young woman from a charity who had a ticket that she couldn't use. I won't say which charity she was with, because I don't think people were supposed to pass tickets on to other people, but she happily gave me her ticket to use which just happened to be in this prime area. I felt like a bit of a fraud, but decided to make the most of the opportunity!

Here is a selection of pictures from the day. I have captioned some of the athletes' pictures with the names of those shown, but I'm afraid I don't know everybody so have left some blank.

A policewoman at the entrance to The Mall.
The people in pink in the background are Olympics volunteers.

Two volunteers share a joke

Diana and Lucy from NHS London (not merely flying the flag, but sheltering from a few raindrops)

Greg Rutherford, gold medallist in long jump

Nicola Adams, gold medallist in boxing

Mark Colbourne and Ed Clancy (paralympics cyclists)

Victoria Pendleton - gold and silver medallist in cycling

Deborah Criddle - Paralympics Equestrian

Laughing at Mayor Boris Johnson's speech

Laughing at Mayor Boris Johnson's speech

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