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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Through the diamond-shaped window....

Whilst pottering around in my living room I saw this visitor hop up onto my wall this morning. I took my camera out of it's bag, removed the lens cap, switched it on, and manually focused on the squirrel through the net curtain. Then I pulled the curtain slowly aside and took just this one picture, after which the creature jumped down to the pavement and disappeared.

Vietnamese Festival at Spitalfields

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Arsenal FC, Emirates Stadium

My office is quite close to Arsenal's football ground, and in my lunch break I often like to wander around the outside of the Emirates Stadium which shows the history and heritage of the club. Although I have never particularly followed football (apart from national games), when I walk around the stadium I find myself being drawn in to the devotion of Arsenal's fans towards their club. On one visit, I watched as a young man on a bike cycled across the bridge from Drayton Park, went up to the statue of Herbert Chapman, then reached out and briefly placed a hand on the former manager before going on his way.

There really is quite a special feel about the place - perhaps one day I will find myself sitting inside watching a match.

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On the wall to the left is a pictorial depiction of Arsenal players and managers throughout the years. The statue on the right is Thierry Henry.

Thierry Henry: Played for Arsenal between 1999 & 2007, and was the captain
in his last two seasons.

Thierry Henry

The tiles in the foreground represent the devotion of named fans, living and dead.

Herbert Chapman, Arsenal Manager 1925-34.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Dance performance, North Greenwich

This dance performance was happening last night just outside North Greenwich underground station (near the O2 Arena). Passersby were handed headphones, through which they could listen to accompanying music. Unfortunately, I was on my way to a meeting so didn't stop long enough to find out more about what was happening.