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Friday, 31 August 2012

Photo tribute to the Olympics / Paralympics volunteers

It is hard to imagine how the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics could have been such a success without the many volunteers, whose hard work and cheerfulness has kept the show on the road. The following pictures have all been taken during the first few days of the Paralympics. Some of them were taken whilst the volunteers just went about their business, whilst in a few cases I went up and asked people if I could take their portrait picture.

A few hours before the Paralympics opening ceremony, volunteers at the Stratford Olympic Park gather in the rain.

At the Goalball event, volunteers blindfold the Swedish team (all competitors are blindfolded so that partially-sighted players do not have an advantage over blind competitors)

A volunteer wheels a trolley along Angel Lane in Stratford, with the
Athletes' Village in the background

A volunteer walks along Angel Lane towards the entrance to the Athletes' Village

On the steps to the Westfield Centre, Stratford.

In the Olympic Park

Taking a picture from the steps outside the Westfield Centre

A volunteer inside the Olympic Park

Another volunteer inside the Olympic Park

Two volunteers at the Goalball event. Sorry about the touch of lens flare on the face of the girl on the right (caused by the spotlight in the background - I didn't notice it when I took the picture).

Inside the Olympic Park

Inside the Olympic Park

Inside the Olympic Park

I'm not sure if the fellas in these last three pictures were actually volunteers.  The black jackets suggest they might have been security; but nonetheless they were getting into the spirit of things!

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