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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Deer and parakeets in Richmond Park

These photos were taken on 14th September 2011. Just two weeks previously the male and female red deer (stags and hinds) were in separate groups. On this day I saw two stags with harems. From now until the end of autumn the dominant stags will mate with the hinds, whilst also attempting to chase off challengers, fighting if necessary. There was not much evidence of any serious competition on this particular day, so it seems as though the rut has only just begun, but very shortly Richmond Park will be filled with the sounds of bellowing stags.

A stag with his harem


A stag: this animal had been using his antlers to "fence" with a tangle of branches,  a behaviour that is often seen during the rut, presumably a rehearsal for fighting.

Ring-necked parakeets

Ring-necked parakeet

Ring-necked parakeet

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